About us

Welcome to Loan Ranger, the premier provider of online cash loans in the Philippines!

Loanranger.ph is a product of First Digital Finance Corporation, a Finance Company duly registered and licensed with the SEC. Our founders are a team of experienced professionals with both local and international experience in banking, consulting and technology. Our mission is to drive financial innovation in Philippines. We leverage the most up to date technology to decrease operational cost and improve efficiency to bring you better products.

Loanranger.ph is the first service in the Philippines that provides short-term instant or near-instant credit to consumers, providing a convenient and safe alternative to unregulated lenders.

Loanranger.ph was created with you in mind. We want to offer hassle-free financial help to anyone in the Philippines. Whether or not you have a credit history, you are more than welcome to apply for a loan with us. We want to be the bridge that allows your goals to cross into reality, whether you need financial aid in scaling your business, paying for your child's tuition or investing in the next big opportunity. We also make it very accessible for you by making the whole application process online.

Why loan from us?

Speedy Processing

We understand that sometimes in life, unexpected expenses pop up and you need cash quick. Here at Loan Ranger, we understand the weight of urgency. We are here to help you like a friend, ever-approachable and quick on our feet to be of service to you.

With all our processes and decisions being automated, loan approval and crediting decisions all happen within 24 hours! With that, you can receive your cash loan exactly when you need it.

Everything Online

We know that it becomes a hassle when you have to physically fill up and submit numerous forms in order to get a loan, the amount of which you may need immediately. Time is limited, and we want you to know that we value yours. With our fully online application, there is no need to go to a branch to submit an application.

You just have to fill up our online form and shortly wait for the decision on your loan. Moreover, thanks to our leaner operations, we can give you the best possible rates in the market! Now you have more time to focus on important matters and worry less about money.

Cost Transparency

We are aware that you want to know exactly what you are paying for when it comes to borrowing money. We do not want to surprise you with hidden fees of unknown origin. For this reason, we made our costs transparent so that you can easily understand why our product costs as much as it costs.

Big Data

In loanranger.ph, we use big data analytics to arrive at the most accurate credit decision possible. Our fully-automated model was developed to process numerous data inputs, run it across existing information, and based on that, make an objective decision. With this, we can score any customer, with or without credit history, and make sure we offer loans responsibly – to the right people who have the capacity to repay.

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