Pasko na naman! This is the time where majority of Filipinos are at their "richest" state because of the bonuses, 13th month pay, and other monetized benefits. Christmas season is also the season of sale where almost all items you see in stores and in online shops are marked down. Plus, it's almost the end of the year, so you deserve to treat yourself for all the hard work and sacrifices for the past 11 months. 

Here's the bigger and more crucial question: do you really need to give in to your impulse and shop 'till you drop? 

The idea is tempting, but this thinking could lead you to bigger debt and empty wallet. Before you swipe your card and hand out your money to the cashier, here are questions you need to ask yourself first to stop your impulse from taking over your buying power:

1. Do I have one already? 

There are people who like to buy at least two pieces of the same style or even color. They like the material, plus there is always a possibility that they may not get another; hence the purchase. Is it really necessary? 

Before you make a purchase, ask yourself first if you have one already. You don't need a new lipstick, skincare products, or kitchen utensils. There's no need to buy items of the same design, style, or color unless you really need a new one. 

2. What is it for?

You might see those cute trinkets or notebooks and you immediately "fell in love" with it. You reach out, got two or three of them, and march straight to the cashier to pay. Before you hand over your money, ask yourself this question: what is it for? 

If your answer is because you find it cute or you can't even come up with a reasonable justification for buying a specific item, then don't buy at all. This only means you don't need it. 

3. How often will I use it? 

There is a reason why you need to know the difference between needs and wants. Needs are something you cannot live without and are essential for your everyday life. On the other hand, wants are something you can dispense with because you can still survive even without it. 

To stop yourself from impulse buying, ask yourself how often do you plan to use it. Don't just follow the trend just for the sake of using or having what's in in the market if you find yourself not using the same item after a month or two.

4. Do I have space for new items? 

Buying something means taking another space in your closet or home. Sadly, many people forget to ask this question and just buy even if there is not enough space for new items. 

The next time you feel like spending, ask yourself first where you will put it or if there is space to accommodate new items, regardless of the size. If you can't think of a place where the new item belongs, then don't buy it. 

5. Do I have money to pay for my purchase? 


This is the most important question you need to ask yourself before you buy anything. Most people will resort to credit card to pay for their purchases. Others would apply for an online cash loan from lenders like Loan Ranger (which is not highly advisable) to finance their material needs. 

If you can't pay your items in cash, then it is best to either postpone the purchase and save up for it OR not buy at all. Sometimes, removing yourself from the exact moment where you are tempted to buy will make you realize better whether or not you need to buy that item. 

You learned a lot from watching Confessions of a Shopaholic but don't wait for humiliation to happen before you can change your spending habits. The next time you head to the mall or bazaar and feel the urge to spend, ask yourself these questions first to stop yourself from spending. 

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