The end of the year is almost near, which means you used more than 80 percent of your planner pages. What are you planning to use next year? 

The truth is there are tons of options available. If you're a coffee loyalist, you can opt for Starbucks or Coffee Bean planners as soon as you completed the required stickers. Do you really have to spend more than P100 everyday for coffee just for a planner? 

The good news is there are cheaper alternatives. Here are affordable planners you should consider without spending more than P1,000:

Papemelroti Pocket Planner - P20

Yes, you read that right. If you simply need a planner that will get you by and keep you organized every month, then Papemelroti's pocket planners can be a good option. It is affordable, designed by local artists, and the paper is made of sustainable paper. 

The drawback is that this planner is limited since there are no pages for weekly tasks. 

You can buy one at Papemelroti branches nationwide.

Sunnies Agenda - P199 with any purchase (P599 if bought separately)

If you like anything kawaii, then you'll surely like the 2019 Sunnies Agenda. Next year's planner is inspired by Japanese anime favorites like Sailor Moon and Voltes V, which will surely bring back childhood memories. It also comes with planner basics like monthly view and weekly layout. Sunnies Agenda also has extra info sheets, conversion charts, and even monthly movie recommendations. 

Who says being an It Girl has to be expensive? 

Young Adult Planner - P350

Are you struggling in the Adulting department? Don't worry. You are not alone. In fact, this is what the Young Adult Planner wants you to know. 

Aside from keeping you organized, this planner can also double as your reminders, thanks to its relatable spreads that will surely get you in the mood and groove. It has a weekly layout too, so you can immediately see what you need to accomplish every week. 

You can visit its Facebook page to order.

"Relaks, Stress lang 'yan, matatapos din in 30-40 years" - P550

Everyday life can be stressful. Add some fun and humor by purchasing this planner from Witty Will Save the World. It can be your daily source of entertainment, thanks to the quizzes and spreads that will surely make you laugh. Still, don't underestimate this planner. Humor aside, this can be your secretary and best friend rolled into one - with tons of writing spaces. 

You can buy one through Witty will Save the World online store.

Design Your Life (DYL) 2019 Planner - P650

Are you a planner girl? You might come across those expensive planners you have to order overseas and wait for weeks to arrive. Well, there is a more affordable alternative and it is readily available in the Philippines. 

In that case, say hello to the DYL 2019 planner. It is 190-page, 12-month weekly planner with different designs every month and encourages you to decorate depending on your mood - and more. It also comes with an expense tracker, travel checklist, password keeper, goal-setting spread, cash flow spread, and lots of blank pages so you can jot down your thoughts. Oh, and it comes with stickers too. 

You can get your DYL 2019 Planner online.

Leuchtturm1917 A7 Weekly Planner - P799

Sometimes, planners just have to be simple. You're going to write down on it anyway, so what's the point of decorating it, right? 

If you prefer the no-frills kind of planner, then this one is for you. You'll love the size too since it can fit in your purse without taking too much space. This makes it easier to bring with you, regardless of where you are going. 

You can buy this planner at Noteworthy store in Greenbelt 5. 

So, which of these planners are you planning to get? 

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