The good news is you can buy gifts that are well within your budget. Here are some Christmas gift ideas you might want to consider:

1) Cake Jars

'Tis the season to unleash one's sweet tooth. Plus, you can never go wrong with food because who doesn't want to eat at the most wonderful time of the year, right? In that case, give cake jars to the people on your Christmas list. It tastes good, it is affordable, and you can finish your entire list by giving just this on Christmas. 

Just make sure you will buy from someone who can make THE best cake jars so people will truly appreciate your gift. If you can, you can make your own as well. 

2) Homemade Snacks

If you prefer making your own, which is fine, then you can give out homemade snacks to people in your list. All you need to do is to buy mason jars or containers in places like Divisoria or Greenhills tiangge for cheaper prices. From there, you can fill it with homemade jam, sweet treats, favorite childhood snacks, or trail mix. You can even personaiize it according to the recipient's preference. This will make gift-giving more meaningful. 

3) Locally-published books

Surely, your inaanaks are lining up in front of your doorstep and waiting for their gifts. You can give them books published locally such as the ones from Adarna House and Tahanan Books. The good thing about giving this type of books is that these books come with moral lessons as well. Plus, you support local writers and artists as well, thereby making their Christmas happier too. 

4) Notebooks or Journals 

Do you have a friend or colleague who is into writing, doodling, or journaling? Then make sure you get her (or him) a notebook or journal this Christmas. There are tons of cute but affordable notebooks you can find in the malls or bazaars, so make sure you check those out. It's within your budget too.  

5) Environment-Friendly Items

It's no surprise that Mother Earth is suffering these days. This is why there are many individuals and organizations who are taking necessary steps to save the planet. Be part of that change by giving items that are environment-friendly. 

There are local shops that make green lunch bags or tote bags. Giving metal straw is another gift idea you might want to consider. Or since you decided to give out notebooks or journals, make sure you go for those made out of recycled materials. You make someone happy and at the same time, help save the planet in your little way. 

6) Cookware or Bakeware

This is perfect for friends or fellow tita who loves to cook or bake. It is useful and something the recipient will appreciate. There are tons of items to choose from - baking tray, cookie cutter, non-stick pans, and the list goes on. Plus, you can find affordable items to make sure you are within budget. 

7) Money-Related

No, you don't just give money during Christmas, which will serve as a gift. If you have kids, then use your bonus by opening a savings account, which they can use (and have access to) by the time they grow up. You can also get an investment to make sure that the money will grow. There are tons of investment options, which you can start with as little as P5,000, so make sure you take advantage of that. 

Sure, your kids may not appreciate it now, but they will when they grow up. 

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