It's Christmas season once again. Anytime soon, you will be getting your Christmas bonus or 13th month pay and once again, your wallet is happy. 

No matter how exciting shopping is and regardless of how many times you tell yourself that you deserve a new phone or handbag that costs a fortune, are you sure you want to spend all of your money on materials things that won't last? 

We have a better idea for you: invest it. 

Here's where you can invest your Christmas bonus: 

1) Mutual Fund or UITF

Mutual fund is offered by investment companies while UITF is offered by banks. Nonetheless, both types of investment belong under one umbrella and share the same concept. Both utilizes the concept of "pooled fund" wherein individual investors will place their money in a common fund, which will thereafter be invested in other means to earn more. It could be invested in purely stocks, also known as equity fund, which gives you high return but comes with high risk as well. 

Fixed income fund is another option wherein pooled fund is invested in fixed-income securities issued by either the government or private corporations. This gives you regular return of investment at moderate risk. 

If you prefer something balanced, then balanced fund is your best option. It is a combination of stocks and fixed income securities, thereby distributing the risk. 

If you are more of a conservative investor, then money market fund should be your first choice. Money will be invested in short-term securities for minimal risk. 

The best part is whatever you chose, you can start with as low as P5,000 for investment. Not bad. 

2) Downpayment for Real Estate 

Eyeing that piece of land or condo unit in a prime location for years already? Now is the perfect time to go for it by using your Christmas bonus as downpayment. Even if you don't plan to live there, you can utilize it and make it an income-generating source by renting it out. That's additional savings for you as well. 

Before you buy a property, make sure you can afford the monthly amortization as well. This could be costly. 

3) Business Capital

Your job may be giving you sufficient income, but will you settle with that amount every month? If you want to earn more, then you need to start taking risks and entering the world of business for additional income.  

Your business should not be grand or expensive. Perhaps, you can start with buy and sell of whatever items at cheaper prices. If you are good at something, say graphic design or crafting, then use the money to purchase your materials. If you have been saving for quite sometime and plan to get a franchise, then use your Christmas bonus for additional money. 

The bottom line is if you have a business idea that you can start, then take a risk and do it now. 

4) Training or Seminar

Yes, you can find everything online. Still, there are things that you need to know and experience firsthand, which explains why seminars and trainings are still in demand. 

Use your Christmas bonus to pay for seminars that you believe will either help you further your career or learn something new that you could use in the future. Avail of early bird promo rates too for additional savings. 

5) Emergency Fund

Yes, you still need one. You'll never know what would happen in the future, which is why having an Emergency Fund is a must. When you get your Christmas bonus, make sure you set aside money for Emergency Fund. This way, you have something to lean on in case something happens, like loss of job. 

In case you still need additional funds for investment, Loan Ranger is willing to give you a lending hand. Submit your loan application now and if approved, we can lend you as much as P10,000. That's not bad for an investment, don't you think? 

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