How it works

Are you over 18 years of age?
Do you have a stable source of income?

If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, you are eligible and ready to start your online cash loan application. And you’ll be very happy to know that you can complete the entire process online! Here's how it works:

1. Create your Loan Request

Determine how much you want to borrow (up to PHP 10,000 for first time borrowers) and how many days you will need it for (up to 30 days) by adjusting the website sliders. The full cost will be computed and shown. Once you are happy with the terms, click apply to proceed

2. Fill out your Application

Apply online by filling up our simple application form. We will ask you for some personal information and about your current income. We will also ask you to upload some documents for identification and verification purposes

3. Get instant Decision!

We will let you know within 24 hours if you have been approved for the loan you are requesting. Once approved, the money will be transfered directly into your account.

When you need it now, you get it now.

We provide decisions in hours, and if approved, we transfer the fund to your account within minutes. We take our promise to get you money when you need it seriously.

There is a limit to the amount a first time borrower can apply for. If you choose to borrow again from in the future, provided that you use the service responsibly, we will increase the standard limit and make the loan more flexible to your needs.

If you have any more questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page.

How much would you like to borrow?
How long do you want it for?
Loan amount
PhP 6,000
Interest & fee
PhP 1,000
Total to repay
PhP 6,000
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